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Useful Contacts

Portnet Service Centre: 6771 7711; 6321 1173

For Operations Related Matters:

- PPT: 6771 7721 (PPT1), 6771 7722 (PPT2),

6771 7723 (PPT3), 6771 6450 (PPT4),

6771 6500 (PPT5), 6771 6777 (PPT6);

- BT / KT: 6277 8691;

PSA Bills Enquiry: 6279 4175

PSA Chemist: 6771 6422     more...


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1) DCON Enhancements on Transportation Visibility

2) Next Generation Portnet - EDI

3) Inter-Gateway Movement of NEA Highly Dangerous Goods

4) Revision to Depot Handling Charge (DHC) for PSA On-Dock Depot

5) Printing of Ship Supply Note

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Maintenance Schedule

PORTNET® Customer Service Hotline

Our Customer Service hotlines will not be available during following period for scheduled maintenance:
- 6771 7711 will not be available on Sat, 28 Nov from 0130H - 0230H.
- 6321 1173 will not be available on Sun, 29 Nov from 1900H - 2000H.



The Portnet System is not available every Sun from 0130H-0330H for scheduled maintenance.



TradeNet System will not be available on 5 May 19, from 0400H-1200H. During this downtime, processing of all TradeNet applications will not be available.
For assistance, please contact TradeNet Helpdesk at 6887 7888.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



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